Why White Men Like to Date Asian Women?

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white man date asian womanWhenever yellow fever is mentioned, there are basically two things that will pop into your mind. Some would think of this as a mosquito-borne, tropical disease that turns patients to sickly yellow. But, once you searched it online, you will realize that yellow fever is infecting people to a particular degree. Yellow fever means the sexual and romantic obsession of non-Asian males to Asian women as portrayed and observed in the famous culture today. More often than not, they see the picture of white men going great lengths to win the heart or the body of an Asian woman, yet there is apparently more than what meets your eyes.

Some said that it is a social disease, which is task that might be given justice only through an extensive research. However, for you to arrive at a hypothesis, the need for examining all variables surrounding the idea should not be overlooked.

Experts defined yellow fever as an acute sexual preference of the Caucasian men for Asian women. They said that some Asian women had their fair share of encountering white men with tell-tale symptoms. They also added that white men recommend their single peers to date Asian women who casually asked if they would be interest in a man who has been with some Asian women and likes it so much. Aside from that, it appears that it’s an innocent preference because Asian women are open-minded compared to the Caucasian girls. If this is true, it only explains that the reason why Asian women white men dating are popular is because of fetish.

The problem of preference and fetishism is so prevalent. It’s so pervasive in relation between West and East that even normal, healthy relationships are tarnished by accusations. Other experts said that the line between fixation and preference is vague. The individual should decide for oneself whether he or she feels objectified. In spite of this conundrum, yellow fever seems to be a widespread phenomenon. This is exactly what others say when citing data that all men except the Asian ones have an affinity to pursue Asian women on romantic level.

But, what are the real reasons why there is Asian women white men dating? Well, the answer basically depends on the person you ask and it’s often true. If you ask someone who considered fetish is subjective, it’s called preference. Generally, the assumptions are endless. Women from Asia are more submissive, prettier, smarter, and so on. There is really no wrong or right answer, yet the extent of one’s desire for some of these desirable qualities may tell when help is needed.

All in all, you can’t blame white men to like Asian women. With the traits of Asian women and their difference from the non-Asian females, any white men will surely fall in love with these women. So, if you want to date an Asian woman, you can guarantee that you will have a different perspective to dating once you started to get to know her.

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