Good Places to Meet Asian Women

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asian girlWhether you want to meet Asian women for friendship or a serious relationship, there are a lot of places you can go to find these lovely ladies.

Asian Restaurants

This is not a big shocker at all. If you love Asian food, and you want to meet Asian women, you should definitely frequent Asian restaurants around your place. Most Asian restaurants can get quite busy, so you can visit a crowded restaurant and share a table with some gorgeous Asian ladies.

Local Forums

Numerous online forums are meant for Asian people who live in English speaking countries. You can also join such forums, particularly those forums based in your own city. After becoming a member of these forums, write interesting comments or post new topics every now and then.


Chinatown is a great place where you can meet a lot of Asian women right away. Take note that for you to find quality, the quantity matters so much. You will be sure that you will meet enough Asian ladies there and you will choose the perfect one for you.

Big Shopping Malls

For sure, you noticed how Asian ladies love to shop. Asian women, Chinese women in particular, love to shop, and visit high end shopping malls. This is why shopping malls are a must visit if you like to meet more Asian ladies.


The Japanese invented the karaoke as a famous activity, and Asian women love karaoke a lot. Thus, visiting the karaoke every now and then will definitely give you the chance to find more Asian women who can be your friend or even partner.

Dessert Cafes

Dessert cafes are a favorite hang out place for Asian women, especially those cafes being run by Asian business people. Some good examples of dessert cafes are those owned by Taiwanese. These cafes usually offer delicate desserts, wonderful drinks in exquisite glasses and cups, and classic jazz music to have a more relaxing ambiance.


In many English speaking counties, most universities have international students, most of which are from Asia. You can drop by at the library and you will surely find many of these lovely ladies there.


Most beauty therapists and beauticians are Asian ladies, so you will also be able to meet Asian women at the local spa. It is a necessity for modern people to have a massage as it is a way to alleviate stress, then relax your mind, body and spirit.


Many Asian ladies you will meet in nightclubs are very much open-minded, and if this is your type in a potential date, then, make sure you visit nightclubs every now and then.

Interracial Dating Sites

The last but definitely not the least place where you can meet Asian women will be none other interracial dating websites. These sites cater to all races, and no matter what your race might be, these online sites are the best place where you can find and meet lovely Asian ladies.

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